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This is Petey once again! I have found my next foster home and moved in today, hopefully until I finally get that loving family that I am searching for.

I really am a charmer, everyone who has known me so far has totally fallen in love with me. Unfortunately, of all the people I’ve met, none of those were looking to adopt a dog. I’m just so irresistible I can’t figure out why no one is inquiring about me.


Well I’m Petey, the two year old Chihuahua mix and I was one of the first dogs posted on Sophie’s new and improved website. I was looking for a foster home while my regular foster home went on vacation, or better yet, I was hoping to find a permanent home. Unfortunately, neither of those dreams happened during the two weeks, so I was stuck at Sophie’s with the gang.

Luckily for me, however, my original foster home is now back from vacation and were very excited to take me back but were sad to know I was not adopted.

You see, the big problem is that they are moving out of the province at the end of this month, so will be unable to keep fostering me.

So the emphasis is on finding that wonderful forever home by the 30th of August. I would really do best in a quiet home, maybe with retired people or couple with no kids, as I am still quite fearful of strangers and quick movements, so that can make me snappy at times. On the flip side, I am extremely cuddly, loving and affectionate. I will be the perfect little companion, I just need to find the right match.