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Tucker’s final hour – R.I.P

My name was Tucker, and I’m now in a better place. My final hour was spent with Sophie and her son Rick as they were rushing me to the vet in a desperate attempt to save my life.

I, unfortunately lived through seven years of misery and neglect, which took it’s toll on me. I was the skinniest, most skeletal dog that Sophie has ever rescued in 15 years. I was down to barely 25lbs, when I should have weighed closer to 60lbs.

My story is not very clear, but goes something like this: I lived with a junkie who totally neglected me, an acquaintance of his, after meeting me, knew he had to do something but wasn’t sure what, since us poor dogs have no rights. Just trying to get any kind of authorities involved, and knowing that Berger Blanc would have been my final destination, he decided to force the guy to surrender me to him. In the beginning I was putting a little weight on, getting a little muscle back, was starting to play and had hopes for a new life. However the damage done was probably too much and in the last two days was unable to hold my food down. My “savior” tried and tried by feeding me small quantities, but it didn’t work.

The last day, I got so weak he knew something was really wrong, yet a series of blood tests had been done so he knew I had no illnesses.

He left a comment on this website asking for advice to give me back some appetite and strength, but as I got weaker he decided to leave a voice message with Sophie. Upon arrival she heard a message from a distraught, crying young man and realized the urgency of the situation.

Being the optimist that she is, she was fairly sure that she would be able, with the help of her vet, to put me back on my feet. She rushed as fast as she could, during rush hour, to get to me and was blown away when she saw me. Her optimism took a dive as she right away estimated my chances to be 10 to 20%.

She wrapped me in a blanket, put me in the car and rushed back from Pointes-Aux-Trembles to Verdun, unfortunately I was too weak. I tried to lift my head to look at her, couldn’t hold it up, put it back down and gave my final breath half way to the vet.

I will always remember that kind face and sweet words as she was telling me to hang in there. I’m glad that I was with her in my last moments rather than a place like the Berger Blanc.

I know that even though we met for a brief time, she will never forget me.

Sunshine & The 7 Rays

Today was a rainy day, but me Sunshine and four of my little Rays came back to Montreal and brightened up Sophie’s day. I am looking beautiful, have gained weight and finally look healthy. My puppies are growing really well and have gotten quite big already.

They are about eight weeks old and the five of us came back to start the next phase, new foster homes.

Raylee is staying up in Ste-Adele to be fostered with the family dogs and possibly adopted.

Rayann and Raylen have arrived in Montreal a few days ago and are being fostered by our first foster home, who is thinking of adopting Rayann.

Rayven is being fostered in a home who adopted a wonderful Pitbull a few years back from Sophie’s Dog Adoption, and is looking to possibly adopt him as well.

Rayko and my self (Sunshine) are being fostered by someone with no pets, so I’m the one who will be socializing him and teaching him good dog behavior. The talk is that I could be “the one” for my foster mom so my goal is to be the best possible dog she will ever meet in hopes that she will adopt me and my search for a home will end there.

So here is the status update: Rayko, who is with me, is looking for a permanent home as well as Raylen who is being fostered with his sister (Rayann).

My little ones still in limbo are Raynelle and Raymond. Those two most probably take after dad or his side of the family, as they are the only two that are white and brindled. They they are the only two still in need of a foster home (together) as they are stuck at Sophie’s until then. It’s a good place, but not the right environment for my two little darlings as Ginger, Little Sue and Taco (her grumpy old Chihuahua) are never nice to puppies. Boy is quite pleased with their arrival, but I’m not sure that I really want him to be a father figure and teach them socialization and good dog behavior. So please come through for my little angles and offer them a roof over their heads so they don’t turn into a “Boy” or “Ginger”.

Sunshine and the 7 Rays

I’m Sunshine the young mom who was found with my 7 newborn puppies. My little Rays are almost seven weeks old and are now quite active, they are huge and have become quite a handful and are driving me and my foster mom crazy.

We are now looking for foster homes who can take my little ones in pairs, as it is too much for one person to handle all seven. This will help with their socialization until they are old enough to leave the nest for good.

I have four boys: Rayko, Raymond, Raylen, Rayven and three girls: Raylee, Raynelle, Rayann and they are all absolutely gorgeous.

You can see more pictures of the puppies taken from their foster homes on Facebook.

Raynelle – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=232240&id=596363499&l=36d0f374a9

Rayann & Raylen – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=206006&id=513633945&l=2c378c469d

Tyson 4 – In August

Urgent, Urgent, Urgent

I’m Tyson 4, my name, breed and attitude towards certain dogs make me unpopular. However I am the sweetest and most charming dog you’ll ever meet. Unfortunately I bit another dog on the street (no damage was done) but Sophie’s Dog Adoption was sent a notice to have me euthanized within 48 hours. SHE WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN.

So I’m in hiding and have been for two weeks and this is getting expensive and stressful so I need another place. I’m a 3 year old Pitbull, I’m great with kids, cats, people and could learn to socialize with other dogs. I just need the chance to stay alive. If you can’t foster me please be generous and donate funds to keep me in hiding, stressful and boring is better than the other options.



My name is Seymour, and my journey has been a sad and deceiving one. My breeds are a guess, possibly Beagle, maybe Pitbull, maybe Lab, or maybe anything totally different than those, it’s a mystery.

I originally came to Sophies Dog Adoption at the age of 5, and I was adopted by a wonderful gentleman who gave me this dignified name of Seymour (I used to be known as Patapouf – seriously!). I am now 9 years old, and unfortunately have to look for a new home once again.

I had a wonderful life, but the last year of his life has been rough and I really helped him get through a lot of things. Unfortunately, being originally from Europe, he decided to go back and see if there was more luck at earning a living over there, and was really hoping to have me sent back to him.

Sophie offered to take me back in foster care for about 6 months in hopes that my Dad would be able to get his life together enough for me to go live in Europe with him, but it looks like it will not happen or at least not for another year or so, and due to my age now, he has decided to let Sophie find me a new home in order to have a stable life for my retirement years.

I am the best! Good with kids, cats, other dogs, I love people and am a wonderfully calm and quiet dog. I can stay alone while you’re at work without getting myself in trouble or making a mess, I am not a barker, I am just a loving soul in need of a loving family.


I am Lolita, a wonderful and sweet little girl who was abandoned in an apartment when my owners moved out. I am a pitbull, probably an AmStaff or similar breed, and from what it seems, no more than 14 months old. It is obvious that I had puppies at my young age, I finished weaning them no more than 4 months as my body has not yet taken back it’s feminine shape….

I have proven to be very loving, good with dogs, cats and most people, however I am a little weary of certain men. I also need some education, as I like to jump at people when I’m excited, and I nip them to give them ‘love bites’, but they sometimes hurt…. I need someone who will become Alpha and show me the way to being a well-behaved dog.

I do very well in a crate when you are gone, I do not bark, whine nor cry. I have been very quiet since I have been rescued, as a matter of fact nobody knew I was in the apartment until the landlord came in…. It had been vacant for 4 days.

Stevie Wonder Dog

My name is Stevie the Wonder Dog, and I am a beautiful pitbull mix who was adopted as a puppy and unfortunately am looking for a new home again as my family moved to England and decided not to take me. I was born blind, but have managed to get around very well all this time. You would never know I’m blind except for the fact I look up at the sky when you speak to me.

Of course, you must be ready for the possibility that I may have complications in a few years that could require surgery. Right now the doctors don’t see any problems, but who knows what the future holds for me? I want someone who will not give up on me if I end up costing a little more money than a regular dog….. Please consider that before meeting me, as I will melt your heart.

Shadow 2

My name is Shadow 2 and I am a sweet girl. I was abandoned at the age of 4 months, a victim of July 1st dumping day.

I was found tied in a back alley where I spent all day until someone found me and took me in. I have learned a lot from my foster mom, but I have been around for a while. I am not very popular for some reason, probably due to my size. It looks like I’ll be a big girl, as I’m already close to 60 lbs.

I’m house-trained and in general a good girl. I can stay alone during the day, even though I am used to being in a crate, I no longer really need it.

I’m curious, but often nervous when meeting new people and dogs..
I’m very attentive to my human leader and I learn quickly. A person well experienced with us canines would be best for me, or least someone willing to learn and practice a lot.

I love to chase a ball, and I’ll bring it back to you. I like swimming after a ball or stick too. A good game for me with other dogs is tug-of-war.