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Raylen… Poor little me! My sister Rayann left yesterday to go to her new home, as the family came to meet us decided to take her. It was a split vote, 2:2 but in the end the “girls” won and took home the girl. So now I’m all alone and find it hard, as unlike Raynelle who has a buddy with her, I only had Rayann. No other four-legged friends here for me to play with.

I hope to find my forever home soon as I’m getting to be a really big boy (close to 30lbs) and would love for my future family to watch me grow into a BIG beautiful boy. I’ve heard Sophie say that some of her previous puppies have taken up to one year before finding that forever home and I’m hoping to find mine before I weight 90lbs.


Rayven, Raymond and Rayann, my siblings, have been adopted. Am I next? I’m Raynelle, Raymond’s “twin” and have been looking for my forever home which I hoped to find shortly after he was adopted but I’m still in foster care. However, It is looking very good for me as Sophie has an application pending for me which she says is looking very good. So hopefully with this new week coming after Thanksgiving, I will be giving my thanks to this new family for the wonderful future they promise to give me.

I’m crossing all my little toes in hopes that if in fact approved they will fall head over heels when they see my adorable little face and amazing personality and in fact decide to take me home with them.


Here I am in my new home, I am Rayann, one of Sunshines 7 Rays. I was sad to leave my brother Raylen behind, but I was excited when the family who came to meet us picked me as the newest member of their family. I have become really big but my brother is still much bigger then me. I’m looking forward to growing up in my new home with my human siblings. I hope my brother Raylen gets adopted soon as he was left behind all alone.


My name is Aaliyah, I’m an eight week old Pitbull mix little girl and here is my story: A young man who is still grieving the tragic loss of his Mom last year thought that getting a puppy would fill that void. He got me from a friend who had my Mum and us little rug rats and so he took me home at the age of six weeks.

After about a week he realized that this was not going to work out, being a student and also working. So one of his friends from school who wanted to help, not wanting me to just end up anywhere, told him that I could come home with her.

She took me home to meet the parents and her seven brothers and sisters and everybody was overjoyed with my arrival, except for Dad! He admired his oldest daughter for stepping up for me, but the reality was that with eight kids, full time jobs and a small apartment, I could not become a permanent member of the family.

So they called Sophie and here I am! I’m am now looking for that forever home but will need someone special. Remember, on my own at the age of six weeks and already bounced around – I have learned to be a feisty, tough and a dominant little Pit and certainly don’t want to end up with issues.

Walla Walla

Walla Walla is my name and running away was my game. I was found outside of the Indian reservation running around on someones property and being a Pitbull the lady was going to call the pound. Luckily, her grandson stopped a friend on the street to ask him if he could take me since I was such a sweet boy, extremely skinny and neglected and didn’t see much of a future for me if I was returned or sent to the pound.

Guess what the friend did? He called Sophie as he knew that with her I would have a real chance at a good life. So here I am, putting on weight, playing with Olivia, my foster sister – a red nose Pitbull. So far I have shown only good qualities, I walk well on a leash, I’m playful and friendly with other dogs, I seem to be housetrained and love being around people.

I’m looking for a home who will love me, nurture me and feed me as much as my belly needs for a growing boy like me as I’m most likely under two years old.


Hi my name is Twilight but my foster mommy calls me snuggle bug because that is my favorite thing to do.

I am a very affectionate girl that loves to give kisses and get praise when I do good things. I love all people little and big so I am ok for any family. I am looking for a family that can give lots of love and that will keep me forever.

I have made a lot of progress with my walking on leash, I love to run at the dog park and sniff everything. I am working on getting along with other canine friends because I get a little nervous around them. I currently live with a dog and a cat. I love to play tug a war with the other dog of course and with the laser pointer with the cat.

I also love to eat and have been known to eat things that were for my foster mommies if I was left alone, but I have made progress in that department too. I am a very agile girl and love to learn tricks.


Hello there, my name is Rayko. I’m one of 7 puppies rescued with their mother after being abandoned in a storage unit!

My mum (Sunshine) and my foster mom are working with me to make me a happy, social and well behaved little boy. I get to go for lots of walks but my foster mom can barely make it down the street without people wanting to pet me! They tell me I’m very cute and are very impressed with my docile and friendly nature. I have a soft, healthy, beautiful tan coat with a dark muzzle. My toes and the tip of my tail are white.

I love napping and cuddling and chasing leaves when they blow in the wind.

I’m 2.5 months old now and ready to settle down. What I really want is to be a part of a family as loving as I am and a place to call home.

Briana & Riana

Our names are Briana and Riana and we are sisters. We’re born around the 1st of August and are what is known as Blue Nose Pitbulls. Both our parents are very stocky dogs (between 60 & 80lbs) so we should be big girls.

We are considered rejects because both of us have an underbite so we were given to Sophie’s Dog Adoption to make sure we would not be used for breeding. We hope to stay together a couple more weeks so we can continue our socialization.

Tyson 4 – $3,000 later

$3,000 dollars later, I’m still looking for that forever home who will love me unconditionally. Here’s the latest update on me:

One of Sophie’s great foster homes had offered to take me out of hiding and try fostering me with his two old dogs as I’ve always been good with dogs I knew. Being experienced and knowledgable, my foster Dad introduced me to his two old girls and I was in heaven. He called Sophie within the hour to say that I was happier then a pig in shit and was having a great time with the girls. He felt so good about taking me out of there, it looked like it would be a great place until I find that forever home.

Unfortunately it didn’t last, the next thing you know he was calling Sophie to say I had grabbed his dog and injured her pretty badly. She told him to rush to her vet where she met them, and thankfully the injury, even though extensive, turned out to be a huge skin laceration, but no serious damage was caused. Poor old Saffy walked to the scale still wagging her tail.

Even though my foster Dad described the incident as being horrendous, he never saw any aggression but obviously Sophie decided it was time to have me evaluated by a professional to determine at this point whether I should be euthanized as this situation totally surprised her. She has always claimed that I’m very submissive, have no aggression issues, that I was simply not good with some dogs, she started doubting her assessment of me.

I’m ecstatic to have passed the evaluation with flying colors as far as the danger to the public determination made by the city. What seems to happen with me comes from early on (3 to 5 weeks old) when I lacked the socialization needed to learn my limits with other dogs. So basically I see another dog as a toy and shake the hell out of it as I do not understand the screeching and screams coming from the other dog. So the assessment is this, I’m extremely submissive, passive, easy going but have absolutely no aggression issues and certainly do not pose a threat or danger to humans. Of course I can never go out without a muzzle, cannot go to dog parks, and can only interact and play with other dogs wearing a tight fitted muzzle that cannot come off, as I really do love the company of other dogs.

Sophie is therefore going to try to get my death sentence lifted so I can return into a normal environment and get out of this cell. My evaluator told Sophie that keeping me here will not affect me as I’m so easy going, however let me tell you I hate it here and want to get out!

All the money that has been spent to keep me alive means less to save others and I feel really bad, but Sophie would never have put me down just because of financial reasons. So if you want to help you can make a donation or by buying Sophie a coffee, every little bit will help. Hugs and kisses to all of you who are rooting for me, I will soon be free again! As they say in New Hampshire, LIVE FREE or DIE.


My name is Chuck. I am born around Christmas 2009, so about 10 months old. I am possibly a Pitbull/Dane mix (I was supposedly a Shepherd/pitbull mix) as I am quite big already and have big feet

I am very smart for my young age, already housetrained, and I get along great with other pets (dogs, cats). I am also very gentle and submissive, so really good with kids.

I am hoping to find a good home while I am still young, as I have a lot of potential and want to show it off to a permanent home soon!

If you want to share your life with me, contact Sophie at (514) 523-5052 or info@sophiesdogadoption.com

Rayann & Raylen

I’m Raylen, the biggest pup (already 20lbs) and my sister Rayann is the smallest one (only 14lbs), all our siblings are in the middle. Both of us are still looking for homes and both of us look a lot like Mom, Rayann even has that white line on her nose like Mom and our brother Rayven.

We have been together since we were born and left Mom about three weeks ago so we’re very well adjusted and socialized. We’re now ready to be split up and find some wonderful homes and hopefully see each other once a year at Sophie’s reunion.

It’s hard to say how big we’ll get but by the looks of things I expect to be about 90lbs and little sis should remain petite like Mom, probably around 60lbs.

If you want to give us a new life, a forever home, contact Sophie at (514) 523-5052 or info@sophiesdogadoption.com

You can see more pictures of us taken by our foster home on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=206006&id=513633945&l=2c378c469d


My name is Bert and here’s my story…

I came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption at the age of 8 weeks old after I was found during a police raid in a town that banned Pitbulls. Despite my young age, I was given a death sentence. The vet who was to perform my execution, knowing I was an innocent victim, called Sophie to save my life. This was now almost 4 years ago.

At the age of three month, I found what Sophie hoped would be my forever family, but they had lied to her claiming Pitbulls were not banned in their town. Goofy as I am, I decided to explore the neighborhood and to play hide and seek in someone’s backyard. They didn’t find it funny and called the city to report a Pitbull in their yard. That led the city to seek me out, bring me home and proceed with an eviction notice.

Having ten days to get out of the city, my family called Sophie and admitted having lied about the Pitbull ban and despite the fact that Sophie was very upset, she took me back and swore to find me a real forever home.

The family she found wanted a perfect dog and she knew I was exactly the right dog for them despite their “prejudice” against “us vicious killer dogs”, she gave them the opportunity to take me in and see how perfect I truly was.

I’m very vocal and intimidating when I play which made them nervous at first, so Sophie came to work with them on getting to know my body language and showing them how sweet I really was. She warned them of the judgments, dirty looks, refusal from friends and family to come over and gave them plenty of time to make sure they were ready to cope with the fact other people would be prejudice, the adoption contract was officially signed and I became their Romeo.

For a year I was that Romeo, I went from a teenager to an adult and became more dominant and rough in my play with other dogs and my Mom was banned from the dog park. We were no longer welcome there and I guess the others ruled the park. That being said I started becoming more and more frustrated of having no friends to play with so I started wanting to go see dogs I met while on walks. Being very vocal it scared people and again my Mom started getting the look.

All that to say she did everything wrong by tugging me away, crossing the street, avoiding other dogs and forgot all the training Sophie had given her and in the end I was dragging her down the street to go meet some dogs. So what do you think happened next? Sophie got the call saying I had to go, “the true Pitbull, vicious killer” personality was coming out in me and I had to go.

Bottom line is she would rather keep going to the dog park with my “siblings” (little dogs) then to have people give her the look. So I came back to Sophie’s and I truly am the best dog ever, but I am a bully with other dogs. And the longer I stay here and share my space with other foster dogs, the more dominant I am getting with new dogs. I am also lacking exercise, but once I find that right family who will truly fulfill my needs (exercise, structure, discipline, love and attention), I will shine once again!


My name is Baby and I’m still looking for that forever home. I am the cutest pitbull mix you’ll ever see, from my ears you’d swear I was mixed with a Chihuahua!

I am about 4 years old, female, and sweet as can be (that’s the pitbull in me). My mix is unknown, my ears are big and upright which gives me a funny and gentle look.

I am a strong girl, quite muscular, so very little kids might not be good, but otherwise I would do great in any family. I am good to stay alone during the day, I am housetrained, and generally a good girl. Some work is needed on the leash walking thing, but I seem to be a quick-learner.


Two down five to go. I’m Raymond, the second one of Sunshine’s 7 Rays to get officially adopted. I went to my new home tonight where my playmates are three cats a one, three and twenty year old cats. The two younger cats should enjoy playing with me, just hope the old one is not going to be grumpy in whack me to much.

Now I’m hoping my sister Raynelle will be the next one to be adopted as she is now left all by herself.


This is Squeaky and I was rescued by Sophie back in November (2009) and I’m thrilled to tell the world that I finally found my new home.

I was a scrawny little thing who had been abused. I’m now a little over 2 years old and have filled out and turned into an absolutely gorgeous Pitbull.

Despite the fact that I had been beaten with chains by my previous owner and had become so scared I was put on death row, I have never shown aggression and remained faithful to the human race. I will now have two loving humans and a doggy sister to fill my life with happiness.


I’m Rayven one of Sunshine’s 7 Rays, the first little boy to be officially adopted. My foster mom, who had adopted Havana from Sophie, absolutely fell in love with me.

Even though I really look like mom, my big sister Havana is in fact mistaken for my mom as we look very similar. I hope all my brothers and sisters find a good home soon and maybe some of us will be able to get together for play dates.

Tyson 4 – In September

Please someone come through for me… I’m getting restless, stressed out, extremely bored and depressed. Sophie came to spend some time with me today and she noticed how much muscle mass I have lost as I’m not getting any exercise.

Sophie is really sad to see me in this situation but she’s helpless right now. There is no way I can return to her place as the city inspector tried to reach her again this week asking for proof of my execution, to which she replied she would go to jail before killing me based on that crazy letter he pulled out of his …

Im in a very safe place right now but this is the best she can do. If funds were available, she could find me a nice boarding facility where I would get playtime, long walks, daily exercise and people to hug and kiss me.

Raymond & Raynelle

Raymond & Raynelle back at Sophie’s until someone can take us in. We spent two days with someone who started teaching us stairs, going outside and we’re attempting walking on a leash.

We’re both growing, are becoming very playful but that also means we are becoming a handful. Ideally we would still need to be fostered together, unless two foster homes with adult dogs who can teach us the ropes could be good as well.

Raymond & Raynelle

Hello big world! We are Raymond and Raynelle, also referred to as the “twins” by Sophie. We are the only two of the seven Rays still looking for a temporary foster home together. We have been at Sophie’s since Saturday but someone is taking us for a few days to give her a break.

We are cute as a button, Raymond weighs around 12lbs and Raynelle about 9lbs and we are only eight weeks old.

We are hoping to find a foster home by Saturday who can keep us together two or three weeks.

Tyson 4 – 33 days in hiding

Well it’s been 33 days, and Sophie got a call today saying that I was starting to really stress out. If I stay here any longer, I may start to develop some issues that I don’t have. My one and only problem so far has been with other dogs.

If someone doesn’t come through soon, it will just get worse for my chances at a life, since stress like this only leads to insanity. And who will want an insane Pitbull?

The other option to a foster home, would be a change of scenery, such as a nice boarding facility that could give me individual playtime and long walks (of course with a muzzle).

A third option, if I have to remain here, would be an experienced person who could take me out for nice long walks on a daily or regular basis.

Of course those last two options require more money, which at this point is not available. So I’m stressing out, Sophie is stressing out, bringing me back to her place is not an option as the inspector would most definitely love to get his hands on me and have me euthanized, especially after this streak of media attention surrounding Pitbulls. Sophie is at a real loss at this point and needs your help to help me.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, open your home or your wallet to get me out of here.

I received this cute card with a $50 donation today and words of encouragement and it made me happy to see people care.

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