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My name is Uma, I am a one year old Brittany Spaniel. I love kids (I was raised with a 1 and a half and an 8 year old) and I’m great with other dogs, big and small, even though I can be a bit rough with very tiny dogs.

I love car rides, I know stuff like ‘sit, stay, down’, and I’m very willing to learn more.

I love to swim in the pool during the summer and I even come back up by the ladder. I’m a very smart girl, I never go on the furniture unless invited. I sit and wait to eat my food until told ‘go’.

I can be left unleashed to run and I will come back when called.

I do have a few issues, though, such as the fact I don’t do well alone if not crated. I will chew stuff due to stress. When in my crate, I will bark a few minutes, but will stop. However, if I’m left more than 5 hours, I will start licking myself nervously and chewing on my paws.

I have some learning to do still, I get really excited when meeting new people or when visitors come to the house, and I like to jump up on them.

I don’t do too well with cats, as I think it’s fun to chase them. I think it’s a game, but they don’t think it’s too cool.


My name is Puma and I am a warm hearted, happy-go-lucky 9 month old little fellow that absolutely adores kids. I could spend all day just following them around with wide eyed enthusiasm.

I love walks, car rides and just romping in the snow.

I love to be close to my family and love the ‘snuggle bunny’ lifestyle.

I am non-shedding, so somewhat hypo-allergenic. I am crate trained and have knowledge of some basic commands.

I love other dogs, cats and people in general. Give me a life with some kids and you’ll make me a happy fellow, but I’ll adjust to just about any loving lifestyle.


Hi world! My name is Choncho and I’m a young, playful and loving 1 year old Chihuahua mix.

I was bought from a petstore by a young lady who couldn’t stand seeing such a cute puppy in a tiny cage. Even though her building didn’t allow dogs, she brought me home with her.

Eventually the landlord heard there was a four-legged stowaway and said we had to move, but the person who I thought was my new mom didn’t want to leave her apartment so she gave me my very own eviction notice and kicked me to the curb. Now I’m a homeless pup, couch surfing around the city.

I haven’t been exposed to much of the world and sometimes I get insecure and just want to be picked up and reassured.

But I’m nice as can be and LOVE playing with other dogs, even the big guys. Me and my 100 pound friend Stevie the Wonder Dog entertain our foster home all day long with our playful antics.

I can’t wait to find a home that will let me be my fun, joyous and affectionate self, instead of hiding me away in fear of getting busted!


My name is Shooter. I was going to be put down due to an ear infection, and was rescued just in time. I am a sweet 7 month old Boxer mix who was dumped by my family as I am very active. They did not think before getting me as a cute puppy, and now I require a lot of attention/exercise and it’s too much for them.

I am very friendly, love people and kids, and get along great with other dogs. It is not know how I would do with cats, but I am so gentle and friendly, that I think I’d like them.

Mr. Emile

My name is Mr. Emile. Believe it or not, I was abandoned with my name written on the leash! I had no collar nor identifiable tags, other than this name written, to which I answer.

I am a Basset Hound, approximately 5 years old. I was found by a family with a couple of babies and 2 cats, and so far I love everyone! I licked the baby a few times, I think the cats are cool, and the people – hey they are real friendly.

It looks like I’ll be a great candidate for a family with kids, being a Basset, I am not what you would call ‘hyper’!

Mika 3

My name is Mika 3, I am a Basset Art?en Normand (smaller than a Basset Hound). I was born on January 25, 2007, so I am just a little over one year. I arrived at my full weight of 40 pounds (+ or -).

I make everybody laugh when I run in the snow … all you can see are my ears that look like propellers and the end of my tail sticking out.

I was bought at a pet store at the age of 3 months, so I spent some time in a cage.

I have not had much luck so far, I started to limp around the age of 4 months, so with a quality of life increasingly restricted for 6 months, after some research, I was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia left front (ulna bone had stopped growing and was pulling on the ulna, which was bent and dislocated the elbow joint), but I underwent an operation on October 9 by Dr. Jerome Plant?an excellent surgeon. My operation was a great success and I received my final leave on January 7, 2008 with a quality of life back to 100%!

I can once again run, jump, climb and go down the stairs and go do my favorite activities: play at the dog park. I don’t limp anymore. The only medicine to take for the rest of my life and prescribed by Dr. Plant?s an injection of both cartrophen 1 / 2 months (30 $ each) to protect and reduce the risk of inflammation and possible arthritis. (Note that the cartrophen is given once a month until April 2008, after which, it will be every 2 months for the rest of my life).

At the same time things are going well and I have no hip dysplasia … since I was in the hospital, we took the opportunity to check everything. My vet has suggested food from Hill’s JD, concentrated in glucosamine and omega 3.

At temperament, I am always in a good mood, I will never growl or show my teeth. I love to play, either alone (I throw toys up in the air that I catch in the air) or with the family, and I am very very sociable with other dogs.

I am very affectionate and love to give kisses, I love cuddles and hugs, especially on the belly.

Obviously, I am a hound, so I m’excited when I see a squirrel, bird or other that I encounter during our walks. Also, like any good hunting dog, I am quite stubborn and need a little more discipline. I love to welcome people by jumping on them, so I need a bit of work still on that.

Mika 4

My name is Mika 4, I am a beautiful, sweet, darling little Boston Terrier. I am about 6 years old, and I was dumped because my family moved and was not allowed dogs….!

I was put on death row at the SPCA as my family said I was protective of my food, so ideally someone who has experience or no other dogs would be ideal for me. Thankfully I was rescued from this place along with 2 buddies, and I was put in a foster home with one of them as both of us caught kennel cough at the pound before being rescued, and I have proved to get along well with her. I am also fine with the cats where I’m staying now.


Kahlua is a good natured, inquisitive and energetic young Lab/Shepherd mix who was rescued from death row at a local kill shelter.

He’s only 9 months old, but Kahlua has spent the majority of his life behind shelter bars, through no fault of his own. As a puppy he was dumped at the shelter and then his adoptive family returned him when they learned their landlord didn’t allow dogs.

Spending so much time in the stressful shelter environment, with little human contact, exercise, or exposure to fresh air and sunlight caused Kahlua to compulsively lick his rear leg. When a small irritation developed they decided it was reason enough to put Kahlua down for life.

A kill shelter in no place for a young, pleasant, loveable dog like Kahlua to live or die, so now he’s with Sophie’s Dog Adoption, decompressing and waiting for his forever home!


I am Nounou, one of the 2 buddies rescued with Mika 4. I was also dumped because of a move, and put on death row because they found me to be too ‘skittish’ and nervous. I am about 2 years old, and really a sweetheart.

I am nervous at first when I meet people, but I react by cowaring and looking at you with big eyes. Hardly a cause for a death sentence, so Sophie grabbed me along with Mika 4 and Prada and I am now sound and safe in a foster home.

I am living with a family who is gone all day, and I am a good boy. The odd accident here and there, but hey… I just got here a few days ago. With patience and consistency, I will adjust and do fine. There is a big deaf bulldog where I am, and at first she scared me, now I am fine with her.

I am rather on the ‘large’ side for a Chihuahua, I might be mixed with a pug. I probably weigh about 12 lbs or so.

Shadow 2

My name is Shadow 2 and I am a sweet girl. I was abandoned at the age of 4 months, a victim of July 1st dumping day.

I was found tied in a back alley where I spent all day until someone found me and took me in. I have learned a lot from my foster mom, but I have been around for a while. I am not very popular for some reason, probably due to my size. It looks like I’ll be a big girl, as I’m already close to 60 lbs.

I’m house-trained and in general a good girl. I can stay alone during the day, even though I am used to being in a crate, I no longer really need it.

I’m curious, but often nervous when meeting new people and dogs..
I’m very attentive to my human leader and I learn quickly. A person well experienced with us canines would be best for me, or least someone willing to learn and practice a lot.

I love to chase a ball, and I’ll bring it back to you. I like swimming after a ball or stick too. A good game for me with other dogs is tug-of-war.


Hello everyone. My name is Ice and I am a very sweet boy. My family could not take care of my anymore so I am looking for a new forever home.

I am almost 7 months old and already 65 pounds. It looks like I am going to be a big boy. I am still young so I am still learning. I have done some obedience work and know some basic commands. Also I am house-trained and in general, a very good boy. I would prefer not to stay by myself at home during the day because I will miss you. I do have some experience with the crate, but I dont like it. As I am attentive, I can learn very quickly, anything you want to teach me!

I like everyone I meet and boy am I confident of myself. I like squeaky toys, bones and a lot more.


My name is Diego, I am a beautiful King Doberman. I am a big boy, but really a gentle giant. I am just 1 1/2 and already looking for a new home.

I love everyone: dogs, cats, kids and adults. I am a very submissive dog, and generally a good boy.

I can stay alone during the day, I am clean in the house and I don’t destroy your things. I am very playful and would love to have a family with either kids or another dog to play with.


I have been named Chance by Sophie as it was chance that made me find the porch of a person who called Sophie’s Dog Adoption rather than send me to the local pound.

I am a victim of the ‘dump your dog in the country’ society. I was dumped near St-Hyacinthe in the middle of nowhere, and found my way to the porch of a wonderful man who was taking his dog for a midnight walk. Upon his return, he saw me; filthy, emaciated, thirsty, exhausted and hungry. He took me in, gave me water, a warm bed and a good meal and decided to look for a way to find me a good home.

So chance had it that I found him, who in turned found Sophie!! Now the chance will be to the one who adopts me as I am truly a wonderful, goofy, sweet boy who just wants to be fed, loved and cuddled!